About Us
  • Murphy Mountain Mission is Christian non-profit organization. 

  • We seek to encourage creative people in your congregation and your community to use their gifts for personal growth and in their church, to grow in their faith and artistic ability. 

  • Art healing ministry can be used by the Holy Spirit to help people understand things that they have not clearly understood up to this point. This is especially true when people have hurts and pains from previous experiences that they have not been able to express with words. Our goal is to see people use this process to begin their journey of healing. 

  • We believe that God has also called us to use Bible study as a means of evangelism and discipleship. Our goal is to reach out to our neighbors, get to know them and express love and friendship to them. Prayerfully we believe that God will open some hearts to join us in weekly Bible study and through that some will come to salvation and they will learn to do the same with their friends

Cynthia's Testimony


Cynthia grew up in Aiken, South Carolina and was saved at the age of 24. After being in many different Bible studies for years she discovered that the two gifts God had given her, the gift of art and evangelism could be combined and become an art ministry. Her first experience was working for the women’s homeless shelter for abused women and their children. She was able to do healing art with the children who lived at the shelter. She began to realize how healing the process of doing art and talking about their art was. She also used her creativity to teach Sunday School and Children’s Pioneers classes where she drew the lessons on the board as she taught. 


She and her husband served 3 years as missionaries in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky where Cynthia was graphic designer and photographer for the mission. They also spent 6 years as missionaries in China, where she developed an art ministry to the Chinese people. She offered art lessons to people who could not afford to pay for lessons. These lessons turned out to be a great way to share the love of God for all people, His wonderful creation, and about His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent to save us from our sins. Since she and her husband were forced to leave China for security and governmental reasons, Cynthia’s desire is to do this in the United States, particularly with the local church and with those who will not have this opportunity. This is the reason for beginning Murphy Mountain Mission. 


Cynthia and George have been married for over 38 years and have 3 grown children, who are married who have blessed us with six wonderful grandchildren. 


George's Testimony

George grew up in Raleigh, NC and was saved in 1968 as a 14 year old. He was mentored by a number of people in his church's youth group, but primarily by John Weigle, his youth Pastor. 

George started teaching Sunday school right out of college and has continued that for almost all of his life. God has gifted George with the ability to teach and he especially loves teaching God's Word. His gift of hospitality is used as a way of meeting people and getting the opportunity to share with them about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. 

George plans to use his gifts of teaching and discipleship along with hospitality in growing Murphy Mountain Mission. 

George's favorite pastime besides reading and spending time with his family and grandchildren is fishing. 

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George & Cynthia Pollett