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Children's Art Ministry

Teach children to pray for a people group by making a traditional style painting from another country. Send them home with this beautiful prayer reminder that they made.


Art Healing Ministry

Caleb said, "I learned some new and interesting things about myself by doing this."


Children's Spiritual Lessons and Art

I have found over and over that children retain information so much longer if they participate in a hands on art project that supports the lesson they are learning from the Bible.


Children's Art Ministry

An outreach for your children - Traditional Chinese cherry blossom painting on a scroll.


Art Healing Ministry

Kenny said, "This touched my heart. It was like God took control of my paintbrush."


Art Workshops

Bible Study and Art Workshops! What could be better for college students to learn the word of God.

The truth taught from the Bible and a hands on art project to support the lessons. The art projects help to apply the lessons to their personal life and also help to make it concrete in their memory. 

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