Senior "JOY" Adult's - Art Journaling Workshop

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Art Journaling

Images are a good starting point to be able to communicate what you are feeling.

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Senior Ministry Leader

Kathy leads the Senior "JOY" Group at New Covenant Fellowship. Kathy said," Cynthia, we enjoyed having you minister to our Joy group. I pray our people will continue to use it. I will encourage them to do it. Maybe we can have you back in the spring and share how your ministry is going in Murphy, NC. 

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Art Journaling & Life Transitions

Art journaling can help you get through difficult transitions in life. Changes in life can keep us awake at night. If we can write or draw them in our journal we can release them and revisit them when we need to. 

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Art Journaling

The very act of putting pencil to paper can begin to relax you and allow feelings to surface, and then help you to put them into context.

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Art Journaling & Prayer

If you can't put your finger on why you are feeling anxious today, and you can't draw an image, just draw a shape and choose a color for the shape, title it and then ask God to show you what this drawing is about and why you are feeling this way. You would be amazed at how God will show you the answer to your prayer. 

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Physical Pain

During art making people shift away from illness and momentarily forget that they are sick or disabled. This is a positive and healthy distraction for people experiencing pain. Even people with arthritic pain report that they have reduced perceptions of pain during the art making process. 

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