Art Ministry                                            

It is my joy to be able to share with you the creative gifts that God has given to me. I believe that God is glorified when His children share their gifts among the body of Christ and it causes someone to grow in their relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. 


The art workshop that I will design for your church or your community will be specific to your request and your needs.  I will seek to listen and understand the heart of your ministry. Myself, my husband and our prayer partners will pray with you to gain understanding and openness to what God has planned for your church. Our priority is to listen to the Holy Spirit and then design an art ministry, an art workshop, an art class, or an art healing workshop that will honor the Lord and be what you and your leaders, and congregation have in mind. 


In Jesus’ ministry He consistently used story telling in the form of parables to share the ‘good news’. He did this because he knew that people could easily relate to images that were familiar to them in their everyday lives. As He spoke of these images, He brought to their imaginations visual images that He would then use to teach truths from God’s word. I believe that Jesus used visual images to teach these truths because He was aware that He needed to bypass our prejudices and stereotyped opinions that we often times associate with words. Images have a way of speaking to the heart and emotions without the use of words. 


As I teach art, whether it be an art workshop, art class or art healing workshop my goal is to share the truths about God, His creation, His love for us, and His provision for us through his son Jesus Christ. 

Art Workshops
  • Art Healing Workshop

  • Art Journaling Workshop

  • ​Beginners Painting Class 

  • Advanced Painting Class 

  • Color Theory Class

  • Group Mural

  • Crafts - Crepe Paper Flowers or Jewelry Making

It would be my joy to teach an art workshop for your church or community organization. 

Studies have shown that the arts enrich lives, as well as giving positive, emotional health benefits. Creativity encourages people's confidence as they learn new skills and also gives them a sense of achievement. Creative events are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and make them feel connected in a church fellowship or community. This type of event is also a perfect place for reaching out to people who would not be involved otherwise. The Body of Christ can share this joyful time with a hurting person, an uneducated person, a lonely person or sit beside and share the gospel with someone who doesn't know Christ. What an awesome opportunity!

IMG_1989 (1).jpg
Art Class

Psalms 145:10-13 - All your works praise you, Lord; your faithful people extol you. They tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all people may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.

Whether I am teaching beginners drawing, beginners painting, color theory, or impressionistic painting for the more advanced painter my goal is to share the gospel with those who do not know our Savior, to glorify God by always giving Him the honor for His beautiful creation, and always be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me about what I should be teaching in class that day. 

Our creative God said, "He made us in His image, and said that it was good." (Gen. 1:26-31) The creator of all things is pleased when we use our gifts of creativity. My desire is to help my students find the freedom to use their God given gifts. 

Art Healing Workshop

I will be the first to testify the restoration that God can give through the process of creating art for healing. In our art healing workshop God can begin the journey of healing and restore hurts and scars from past pain, clarify inner struggles and ongoing depression and illness, and most importantly encourage us in our walk with Christ. This creation of healing art process will be done in a nonconfrontational, safe, supportive, and loving group environment.

mask (1).jpg

This mask was done during an art healing workshop. The process of doing this mask gave the creator an opportunity to share about depression and how it felt controlling. By the end of the workshop this person created a "Victory in Jesus" mask that was significantly different! Praise God!

Artwork shared with permission.